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Quick Toggles Small App


Quick Toggles, Is a Small App that let you easily control your System Toggles, from WiFi, Bluetooth, Even to Volume Levels, With Material Look, And a fast startup Small App .I Will publish separated toggles based on this, Stay tuned.
Features:- App Manager (To Enable/Disable Toggles) .- WiFi Toggle.- Bluetooth Toggle.- WiFi Hotspot Toggle .- GPS Toggle .- Sound Changing Toggle ( Normal, Vibrate, Mute ).- Flashlight Toggle.- Stay Awake Toggle.- Auto Sync Toggle .- Auto Rotation Toggle .- Data Toggle .- NFC Toggle .- Transfer Mod Toggle ( MTP, MISC ) .- USB Debugging Toggle .- Airplane Mode Toggle .- Stamina Toggle ( 5.0+ ) .- Time Out Toggle .- Brightness Toggle .- Adaptive Brightness Toggle .- Volume Levels Toggle .- Screenshot Toggle .- Screen Recording Toggle ( Requires Recorder App ) .- Battery Info Toggle .- Power Toggle ( Power Off, Reboot, Recovery Reboot, Fastboot, FlashMode ) .
Important Notes:- If the Toggle Isn't Visible, And you "Enabled" it from the Manager app, the Toggle won't be shown, Because it didn't meet the requirements (See below ) .- Some Toggles requires Root and some other permissions, Please if you're rooted, Rename the App to "QuickToggles.apk" and Create a folder in System/App named "QuickToggles" and put the APK inside it, And set the permissions to rw-r-r .- First startup will be slow, Because it will check if the App is in System/App, and for root permissions, If you moved the app, please clear its data and then re-open it again .
Usage Notes:
- This Small App, Will work only with Xperia Devices running JB 4.1+ .- Stamina Togglewill only be visible for Xperia Devices running 5.0+ .- Data Toggle requires moving to System/App, if you're on 5.0+ .- Airplane Mod Toggle requires moving to System/App, if you're on 4.2+ .- GPSToggle requires moving to System/App .- Screenshot Toggle requires moving to System/App .- Screen Recording Toggle, Will only work, if you have "Screen Recording" app by Sony .- Transfer Mode Toggle requires moving to System/App .- Power Toggle requires moving to System/App.
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*SONY/Xperia is a trademark of Sony Corporation. ERICSSON is a trademark of Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson.